Right to Food:
Ensuring hunger free society is the first step to any further development.  The programme “Right to food” by HUG intends to serve the underprivileged with “cost free” food to primary school children, disabled and senior citizens and “subsidized” food to other disadvantaged class who earn meagre livelihood.
Economic Empowerment:
Creating livelihood and enabling self-sustenance are the cardinal requirements towards long term development of the underprivileged.  The programme intends to educate the unemployed youth, women and others in different relevant skills which can enable them attain economic self-reliance e.g. business skills, technology skills, entrepreneurship skills, planning and management.
Primary Literacy:
HUG intends to spread the primary education in the underprivileged segment by organizing special classes, handholding the teaching staff on various gaps related to knowledge, motivational efforts, leadership, innovative methods of teaching and other socio-economic reasons and imparting reading and writing skills to adults.  The programme intends to achieve very important levels of reading, writing and arithmetic ability besides social conscious, technology literacy and extra-curricular activities.
Urban Water:

People trying to fetch daily water from the leaked water lines, or requesting for water at residents or restaurants is a common scene that any body witness in urban areas.

They are the most deprived lot who lack the minimum natural amenities of life like water and hygiene conditions.

Further, there are several people in bastis and hutments who get the tank water or tap water that hardly meet their requirements.

Such people are scattered all over the urban area. 

As an immediate relief to such people, before a long term measure is devised in consultation with the government, HUG intends to meet the needs of certain population who suffer for potable and usable water.

HUG devised the following measures to mitigate the above situation as a short term solution.

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