Right to Food:

Ensuring hunger free society is the first step to any further development.  The programme “Right to food” by HUG intends to serve the underprivileged with “cost free” food to primary school children, disabled and senior citizens and “subsidized” food to other disadvantaged class who earn meagre livelihood.

Mention in the Hindu scriptures on the significance of poor feeding 

Gajaturaga sahasram gokulam bhoomi danam
Kanaka rajatha patram medini sagarantham
Ubhaya kula pavithram koti kanya pradanam
Nabhavatu samatulyam annadana samanah

Hindu scriptures attached much significance to poor feeding saying that whether one donate thousands of horses and elephants, or donate the very land where lord Sri Krishna was borne or donate that many gold & silver bowls that can measure the river Medini or perform the solemnization of millions of marriages, nothing equals to the value of poor feeding.  Thus, the Hindu scriptures  signifies the importance of poor feeding and encourage  all of us to contribute to it as much we can.


900 cal Thali@5:

Daily lakhs of people in India go without food owing to no earnings or meagre earnings. Hunger leads to ill-health, diseases, physical unrest, frustration and at times grudging on the environs. It may also make the sufferer take up negative activities and crimes for survival. Hunger may throw a disciplined family on to the roads. Hunger is the cause for several ills in the society and hunger is inhuman and intolerable.

As a privileged members in the society, who are blessed with all comforts, it is imminent for the haves to support the cause of hunger-free society and right to food.

Food security being the foremost requirement of any development, the programme Thali@5 is devised by HUG to provide subsidised food to all such disadvantaged people like migrated labour, casual labour in industrial area, street children, women and beggars. The 900 calorie food pack is sold at subsidised price of Rs.5/-.

The thali is made out of the following items where the caloric value
remains to be around 900 per person. 

Item Qty Caloric value
Rice 150gms 450
Daal 1 Katori 125
Omlette 1 Egg 110
Chapatis 25gms each 90
Mixed curry 150gms 125
Pulao 1 Plate 260
Curds 1 Cup 100
Banana Large 110
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