Event - HUG Festival:

Objective: Creating personal touch between the learned, well-to-do and the disadvantaged people in the society in order to send a feeling of assurance and support towards building confidence level and competitive spirit.

Date : August 22, 2010

Time : From:4.00pm To: 7.00pm

Place: Necklace Road

Person to Contact:
Ms. Seema Sharma


E-Mail ID: seema@ahug.in

HUG Festival:

The event is aimed at creating personal touch and proximate interaction between learned, well to do and the disadvantaged.

Culturally we are all compassionate and philanthropic towards the needy. Annually $Billions are given out for charity by several rich people around the world. There are several households among us who help the needy on regular basis in the feasible form. 

Notwithstanding the above, besides sharing the materia things, it is highly essential to show the disadvantaged people our concern, care and compassion through personal touch.  A personal touch, a small enquiry and a pat on the back will send the most positive signals of assurance to these people.  It will inspire and thrust them to raise their social and economic status. 

Towards meeting the above objective, the event intends to have a small march of the disadvantaged people at a central point in twin cities so that all of us can meet these disadvantaged children, women and men and talk to them, understand them, and hug them to convey that we care for their well being. 

This is our humble web-invitation to all such kind people among us to bless these deserved population during the Hug Festiva.

Your kind hug will raise a sense of security and feel of competitiveness in them.

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