Need for Food4Primary:
When a school meal is provided, enrolment and attendance rates increase significantly and children are ensured at least one nutritious meal a day. On a full stomach, a student is able to concentrate and learn better. 
With school meals, and take-home rations for families, girls, who otherwise would be expected to stay at home, are given an opportunity to learn.Parents are motivated to send their children to school instead of sending them to work when a school meal is served. In emergencies, when schools  operate normally, school feeding, even in makeshift cannot situations, provides nutrition and  ensures that education is not  interrupted.
Hunger - Loss to economy:
victims of natural disasters In economic terms, ignoring the hungry today is a tax on future growth. Children born to undernourished mothers and brought up in food-insecure homes often become disadvantaged adults.
The World Bank estimates that hunger robs 46 million years of productive, disability-free life each year, valued at US$16 billion. In South Asia, the loss in productivity caused by hunger is estimated at 5 percent of gross national product. Hunger is both a cause and a result of poverty. Social safety nets can help break this cycle, reducing the need for repeated crisis intervention and the costs associated with it by enabling people to become more self-reliant, thereby reducing their vulnerability to future disasters. When compared to the cost of emergency intervention and the potential for breakdown in social and economic progress, the investment needed to avoid a  worsening food and financial insecurity is relatively small.
Who We Are:
HUG is a nonprofit, community-based movement with the mission of uplifting the underprivileged community at urban and rural sector.

Our fundamental objective is to create an environment where the barriers in development like hunger, illiteracy and social stigmas are erased so that the children, women, adults and all other disadvantaged citizens move to the mainstream with dignity and self-reliance.  

We are a provider of programs and direct services, and work to develop and implement strategies to solve community problems.
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